The Campfire Camaraderie are Jens Haraldson, Linda Rum, Katharina Milchrahm (NAPAEA) and John Allen.


In the summer of 2021, we embarked on a wild journey together, sharing our songs with each other and playing our first show at a festival in Germany after only two days of rehearsals. Though so impulsive and raw, we experienced days and nights full of laughter, inspiration, and love. Naturally, this journey could not end there.

We wanted to treat the songs of each artist with the devotion and respect they deserve and feel very grateful for where this project has taken us. It is an absolute privilege to make music together, record it, and now share it with you.

The Campfire Camaraderie is honest, it is down-to-earth. Thank you for meeting us on the road. Keep spreading the love.

John, Kathi, Linda & Jens